Jira custom field doesn't work on V10

So far on V10 we’ve not been able to get Jira custom field to work… Also date field is not working either - Sentry expects it to be string type.

We currently have some workaround but a fix down the road would be nice :slight_smile:

Update: web logs say 401 error

Can you share more of the logs for our team to investigate?

A screenshot of the form that gives a 401 error would help immensely.

It’s similar to this and this. Basically the default Jira “user picker” field works but when we added another same “user picker” field as “assignee” (required) then we have such issue (no drop down user selection). For date issue I think this pull request fixes it.

Another issue is that if we set the field to optional but Sentry still requires such field - similar to this.

We are on Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)