New product changes now available


The sort by “Last Seen” is not producing the correct results - I’m getting old issues at the top @zeeg. Should I contact support?


We’re already on top of this. I’ll post an update when we have one.




Hi there!

There was a “Overview” link at “Issues” section. Where is this gone? I couldn’t find it anymore. Opting out to this new changes helped me to find it again. Is it related to the upcoming “Dashboard” changes that are work in progress?

I used it a lot to see the area “Trending issues”.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Where can I learn more about the Events feature? It sounds like something we might be very interested in :slight_smile: and will save us integrating an additional tool.

Will it be available on the Open Source plan or we need to switch to a team plan for this?


I love the redesign but I have to point out a few things that have bugged me to no end.

Before when I needed to create a new project I just hit Projects in the side bar and create new project. Now (after looking for it for 5 minutes) I have to hit the projects drop down hit manage, then hit create new project. Why? Why have the creation of a new project so deeply hidden?

Moving all the project actions to the side bar doesn’t make sense to me because the sidebar represents global actions, not specific item actions. Like getting to project settings doesn’t seem to work as intended because when I have a project selected and I hit settings it takes me to organization settings. Then I have to hit projects, reselect my project, and now I’m in project settings. Again why? Why have this take so many clicks when it was two clicks before.

I get and understand the need to redesign the site especially since some of it felt disconnected branding wise, but a redesign should at least keep the same level of intuitiveness if not increase it. I like the redesign, it feels clean and more cohesive, but these two things have frustrated me so much it drove me to find this post and leave this comment.

I’m sorry. I hate to be the “I hate the new design, bring back the old one!” guy.


This is great feedback - and absolutely an oversight. We’ll get these workflows improved.


The events view is just unaggregated events (with search and a powerful graph) - fairly powerful. We’re going to expose it to the sponsored/open sources plans, just was an oversight.


@zeeg Thats great to hear! Much appreciated. =]


Ok, then this is not the feature I thought it is :sweat_smile: I thought that maybe you added a way to send events that are not necessarily errors, or at least not ones that need to be resolved (see my new thread for context).



On the “events”-page I selected a project, but now I’m not able to deselect a project and get back to the unfilted “All Project” state…

How do I do that! Love the events view of things, very nice!


The cross-project search is part of the new Business tier set of features as described in the original post on this thread.


I may have found a problem with the date range search feature.

I am looking for the highest frequency issue within a project. To do so, I first sort by Frequency. But the date range defaults to the last 14 days, so I go to that control and use Absolute Date to modify it to search from the first date available (2018-12-08 in my case) to the last date available (today, 2019-05-06).

Initiating that type of date range results in the date range control showing “Invalid date to Invalid date”. I’m not sure if the date range actually applies and the display is just not correct, or maybe the date range does not apply correctly?

Additionally, clicking on the “Invalid date” part of the control gets me to your web site’s generic error reporting page, with an error of RangeError: Invalid interval.
You should be able to find a couple of these from me around this time in your error reporting logs.

Let me know if I need to provide any more info, or “fill out a report” as the error page suggests.

2019-04-02 Edit: It seems that large date ranges are working now. However, I can’t seem to choose a date earlier than 2019-01-01. Was that the ultimate fix for the bug? Just limit date range choices to the current year? Seems like one bug was traded for another?

I’d like to be able to enter arbitrary date ranges. Thank you.

It would also be extremely helpful to be able to input the dates via keyboard input (just type them in) instead of having to use the JS date picker.


It appears that my issue has since resolved itself, but I figured I’d leave a note about my experience here:

I am on a free plan, and when I logged into Sentry for the first time after the changes, my Issues dashboard defaulted to viewing ‘all projects’.

When I tried to switch to another saved filter from the default ‘Unresolved Issues’, I kept getting an error notice saying ‘The multi project stream feature is not enabled’ and it would ask me to ‘Retry’ - of course, this did nothing, and I could find no multi project stream feature setting, not even with a Google search.

From reading replies on this thread, I’ve inferred that this is something I should not have been able to see.

I ended up turning on the ‘Disable New Product Features’ setting so that I could get back to my old issues dashboard and not deal with the problem. I’ve since disabled this setting, and it appears that I no longer have the option to view all projects, so I think this ended up resolving itself.

Thought I would leave this note should anyone else bump into the same thing.



I have managed to bring back the ‘multi project stream feature’ error.

I recreated a custom filter that I had removed from multiple projects (is:ignored) to leave myself with the default filters. With only the default filters, I had no issue.

So when I switch into my custom filter for a specific project, and switch back to one of the default filters like Unresolved Issues, I end up back in ‘All Projects’ and I’m back to the ‘You do not have the multi project stream feature enabled’ error.sentry


We’re tracking this and will hopefully have a fix out today.


Great news, have been waiting for Date range filter for a long time. Thanks team.


Hi Sentry.

How about filtering by environment in the “Projects” page?



Hi Sentry,

May I know those feature apply to docker version yet?