New product changes now available


This is an update to my post above.

It seems that large date ranges are working now. However, I can’t seem to choose a date earlier than 2019-01-01. Was that the ultimate fix for the bug? Just limit date range choices to the current year? Seems like one bug was traded for another?

I’d like to be able to enter arbitrary date ranges. Thank you.

It would also be extremely helpful to be able to input the dates via keyboard input (just type them in) instead of having to use the JS date picker.


There’s a 90 day maximum retention window on our your account which is why you can’t select a date older than January 1st (that’s beyond the 90 day window).


Ahh, that would explain why no additional results can be seen when asking for more than 90 days of data.

It doesn’t explain why the date range chooser is limited to 90 days though. Data retention might be set at 90 days, but that shouldn’t dictate the limits for the date range tool, don’t you think? Let the user choose whatever range they want (including the future, and the past before Sentry existed), and just return no results if there aren’t any.

That’s my two cents anyway. Take it or leave it.

It seems arbitrary dates can be put into the URL params, so I guess I can always fall back to that… Which also sort of solves my request to be able to type in the dates manually. :wink: