New User invitation contains "http:///accept/...." instead of full sentry URL

We are exploring Sentry on premise. We have installed via docker keeping the default value of config files. When we try to send invitation to add user from sentry UI, the email contains an invalid URL i.e “https:///accept/…” instead of “http://Sentry-host:9000/accept/…”.
We have found one default value in config.yml is set to “system.internal-url-prefix: ‘http://web:9000’”

Is this URL needed to be changed to get the right invitation link or there’s any other file needs to be changed. After changing the file how can we recompile the image again.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi, I suspect you have an invalid system.url-prefix setting. You may want to try setting that and trying again. You should not be changing system.internal-url-prefix as it is used for internal services communication as the name suggests.