Sentry command not found

hi i built my self-hosted Sentry on my Mac Mini and it worked fine. But when I want to use the command line
sentry cleanup
on my terminal It report an error:
-bash: sentry: command not found
What’s the problem?

Hi @guozefei - you need to provide a lot more details for anyone to be able to help you such as which method you used to install it (Python vs Docker), which version of Sentry, which version of Python if you used the Python method, whether things are properly in your $PATH etc.


  1. I cloned on my MacMini
  2. cd onpremise
  3. sudo ./ and input my admin email and password
    then everything works fine on localhost:9000.
    I want to use sentry command line to run commands like sentry cleanup and sentry config on my terminal. It report an error:
    -bash: sentry: command not found.
    Thank you for your help.

Since this is using docker-compose you need to run docker-compose run --rm web <command> instead of running sentry you can probably make this an alias: alias sentry="docker-compose run --rm web"

It works. Thank you for your help.

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