Not receiving emails after the install

I have installed sentry recently and after the installation is complete i have edited the file:
/opt/onpremise/sentry/config.yml to update the email setting and once done I tried to resend the notification to test if i’m receiving the emails or not but I din’t receive any . Do i need to restart any service or the docker containers to apply the changes i have made ?

Current version i’m running on: Sentry 21.4.0.dev07637307

Same issue, the test email sends fine so the configs are OK, but the verification emails don’t work for me.

Can you share your worker logs please?

This will be underwhelming:

sentry-worker-69c99b7ff-n7pnf:14:01:05 [INFO] sentry.mail: mail.sent (message_id='<20210317140105.11.33552@[sanitized].com>' size=4667)      

should mention, I’m on 21.2.0

Could it simply be getting blocked by some spam filter?

Very unlikely.
Another WARNING pops up once in a while:

sentry-worker-69c99b7ff-n7pnf:14:38:12 [WARNING] sentry.tasks.release_registry: Release registry URL is not specified, skipping the task.

does not seem related, but thought I’d share just to be sure.

How do i check the worker logs , I mean which docker container or is there a log locations i can check on the system ?


Yup, def not related :slight_smile:

Can you check your smtp logs then?

It is the worker service. You can do docker-compose logs worker. Also see

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