OAuth against Jira Server

We run an on-prem Jira Server and an on-prem Sentry and are looking into getting the two synced up (Global Integration).

The setup, for some reason, only OAuth’s via the user who setup the integration, instead of allowing each user to OAuth and use their own identities.

Is there something that we’re doing wrong or is this how Sentry’s Global Integrations are intended to work?

Bumping this up again!

Does anyone have any idea about this?

Sounds like this is the expected state as you should not need all your members to connect their Jira accounts, just one master account to provide the API access for all the things (at least that’s what I understand from https://docs.sentry.io/workflow/integrations/global-integrations/#issue-sync-2)

What’s your concern/issue?

Interesting. This model was quite unexpected to me. I expected all the users to OAuth by themselves and have their permissions be attained by their own accounts.

In this case, I guess then I’ll need to make a master account on Sentry and one master account on Jira. Thanks!

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@ParthKolekar - honestly, I’m not too familiar with our Jira integration but if the model does no make sense, we’d be open to collaboration at https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-plugins/tree/master/src/sentry_plugins/jira if you think your model would be more efficient or just better in some aspect.

All the best!