Using pure Javascript version with React Native

In the React Native page, it reads: “This is the documentation for our React-Native SDK. The React-Native SDK uses a native extension for iOS and Android but will fall back to a pure JavaScript version if necessary.

How do you set up the SDK so it will use the pure JS version, and NOT the native extensions?
disableNativeIntegration: true

Thanks! Some further questions, then:

  • Does this mean that raven.js needs be installed?

  • Do I still have to do the react-native link step in the installation?

  • Is any other change needed in installation or configuration, other than enabling disableNativeIntegration?

raven-js comes with the react-native-sentry so you don’t have to install it seperatly.
Linking adds it to your native projects so you don’t need to do that.

BUT if you really only want to use raven-js, just use raven-js :slight_smile:
You are loosing a lot of features though, like device information context and offline caching etc…